Sunday, April 6, 2014

Just. What. The. Sauce.

Currently I'm sick and i found a nice error in my game. If enemy has greater defense than your attack is, you will deal something 62'043'466'364 Damage, Non-critical and the game crashes. It's ok if it wouldn't crash the game. And, I'm gonna make ATK boost items (i.e. Next turn all your physical attacks do 200X damage, Making assassins deadlier than they were.)

 Also, The trailer isn't going too well beacause my computer lags too much with Fraps.

That's all everybody!
 Regards, Ezageima.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Little request

So yeah, I was asked if i could do some sort of a minigame to the game. Beats me, but what kind of a minigame? That I'd like to hear from you all.

Also, The Main menu is now redone, it's looking better and menu is also OK. Now I will be focusing on getting the Actor data, Summon, Transform & Skill parts of the database 100% Done.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Nice things and buggy combos

First off: My logo is now ready!

It's not the best, but i like it so yeah, good enough.

Now; The scripts are again fudging with me. Input combo isn't working, so I guess i have to use follow-up skills and common events

Input combo:
Eric uses Jackhammer
*A window opens with the letters A,S,D,Z & X*
A: Dualhammer
S: Event horizon
D: Time-space break
Z: Reverse time
X: Reboot
*By pressing the buttons, it will cast skills and for exaple, casting D, Z, Z, X will cause the skill Plasmiziser to execute itself*

Follow-up skills:
Isabelle casts Etherblast
*Common event: Show text Wich skill? and choices: Ignis, Glacies, Fulmen*
Isabelle casts Fulmen!
*50% chance to activate Etherblast II*
*Etherblast II triggers*
*Common event II: Show text: Wich skill? and choices: Aqua, Terra, Ventus*
Isabelle casts Terra!
*25% chance to trigger Etherblast Ultima*
*Etherblast Ultima triggers*
*Common event III: Show text: Wich skill? and choices: Umbra, Sanctium*
Isabelle casts Sanctium!
*10% chance to trigger Etherblast Recovery*
 *Etherblast Recovery triggers*
*Party is healed and buffed*
*10% chace to trigget Etherblast Jammer*
*Etherblast Jammer triggers*
*Foes are debuffed*

I like both, but it's harder to explain the possibilities of follow-up skills. Wich one do you like more? Please tell me in the comments, and I will add a to-do page soon enough, where you can throw ideas at my face!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Still alive!

Yeah, I'm still updating, but i just haven't made any progress. The menu f*cked up, Events are not working etc...

For now, the Trailer of my game has to wait. I planned to post it out this weeked, but my plan backfired a bit.

Oh, and the time I'm not in school or making my game, I spend playing AQW. Name's DestinyMG there. I'm a member, and I'm somewhat active (Daily spins!). So yeah. That covers everything.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Screenies, Chocolate and Bugs

First off, I've finished some maps:

Desert town (No name yet, Ideas welcome!)


The Ravine Bottom! Now, the Alpha testers can get over the last fissures!

 And, The Menu Is gonna get tuned, but here is what i looks like now:

 In-Game Screenies (Night time, Because I haven't yet added the daytime switch to my testground blahblah)

 The Menu. Thanks Mooglehunter for the scripts that made this possible (GRAPHICS ARE NOW ONLY PLACEHOLDERS, SO, ERIC IS NOT A CROSSDRESSER)

 In-Battle Screenshots, showing off 4 of the 7 character's attacks.

 And finally, the Victory screen:

 I also mentioned Chocolate and Bugs. The game now includes Chocolate as a healing item! It's still in-making so i won't pos a screenie of it. About the bugs: The HP bars are now out beacause they're not working, and some things are still quite buggy. So, yeah, I'll add these S-Shots to their Respective place and continue making the game.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

First post!

So, Now I'll be telling what has been done and what is yet to come. But first: I'd like to say what programs I am using.

Currently in use:
Graphics - GIMP
The actual making - RPG Maker VX Ace
Listing stuff - Notepad

Not very fancy, but they work. Also, the Main team:
Eventing, Database updating etc. Blahblah - Me, Ezageima
Artist: Miyanechan (Not that much work, but still, rewards await)
Ideologist: Tony (He also is a nice tester)

Of course there are a lost of people who have helped, but you know, they are not a part of the main team.

Yet, we have succesfully reached Alpha, and I'll be updating this blog 1-3 times a week. Screenshots are also incoming. If you are interested in helping out, contact me trough my Gmail: Spectranium@Gmail.Com

A little info about the game:

1. Eric - Mechanic (Class is still in development(?), but I'll post screenies about it when it's ready)
2. Natalie - Archer
3. Isabelle - Black mage
4. Jack - Rune knight
5. ??? - Gunner (He is renameable! WOW!)
6. Serna - Assassin
7. Cael - White mage (Healing FTW)

Currently areas ready:
The starting area, Dennoria Island (Named after the starting place, and also the capital, Dennoria.)
Lavacave of some sort
River Archande
Some bits and bobs from here and there

The game's battles are hard to explain, so I'll upload a video later.