Saturday, March 22, 2014

Nice things and buggy combos

First off: My logo is now ready!

It's not the best, but i like it so yeah, good enough.

Now; The scripts are again fudging with me. Input combo isn't working, so I guess i have to use follow-up skills and common events

Input combo:
Eric uses Jackhammer
*A window opens with the letters A,S,D,Z & X*
A: Dualhammer
S: Event horizon
D: Time-space break
Z: Reverse time
X: Reboot
*By pressing the buttons, it will cast skills and for exaple, casting D, Z, Z, X will cause the skill Plasmiziser to execute itself*

Follow-up skills:
Isabelle casts Etherblast
*Common event: Show text Wich skill? and choices: Ignis, Glacies, Fulmen*
Isabelle casts Fulmen!
*50% chance to activate Etherblast II*
*Etherblast II triggers*
*Common event II: Show text: Wich skill? and choices: Aqua, Terra, Ventus*
Isabelle casts Terra!
*25% chance to trigger Etherblast Ultima*
*Etherblast Ultima triggers*
*Common event III: Show text: Wich skill? and choices: Umbra, Sanctium*
Isabelle casts Sanctium!
*10% chance to trigger Etherblast Recovery*
 *Etherblast Recovery triggers*
*Party is healed and buffed*
*10% chace to trigget Etherblast Jammer*
*Etherblast Jammer triggers*
*Foes are debuffed*

I like both, but it's harder to explain the possibilities of follow-up skills. Wich one do you like more? Please tell me in the comments, and I will add a to-do page soon enough, where you can throw ideas at my face!

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