Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Screenies, Chocolate and Bugs

First off, I've finished some maps:

Desert town (No name yet, Ideas welcome!)


The Ravine Bottom! Now, the Alpha testers can get over the last fissures!

 And, The Menu Is gonna get tuned, but here is what i looks like now:

 In-Game Screenies (Night time, Because I haven't yet added the daytime switch to my testground blahblah)

 The Menu. Thanks Mooglehunter for the scripts that made this possible (GRAPHICS ARE NOW ONLY PLACEHOLDERS, SO, ERIC IS NOT A CROSSDRESSER)

 In-Battle Screenshots, showing off 4 of the 7 character's attacks.

 And finally, the Victory screen:

 I also mentioned Chocolate and Bugs. The game now includes Chocolate as a healing item! It's still in-making so i won't pos a screenie of it. About the bugs: The HP bars are now out beacause they're not working, and some things are still quite buggy. So, yeah, I'll add these S-Shots to their Respective place and continue making the game.

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